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We can't afford to lose any more of our precious peatlands, just for the sake of our gardens. If you’re already peat-free, plan to start gardening without peat, or simply want to show support for our campaign, please make the Peat-Free Promise today and be proud to say ‘I Don’t Dig Peat’.

Alys Fowler, BBC Gardener’s World presenterBBC Gardener’s World presenter Alys Fowler has already made the Peat-Free Promise. Simply fill in your details below to join her.

“I promise not to use peat when gardening, as I know it’s possible to create a beautiful garden without it. I will spread the word about the benefits of gardening without peat and do whatever I can to persuade more people to choose peat-free alternatives, encouraging them to tell others to do the same. In making this promise, I’m proud to join forces with other gardeners across the UK to say ‘I Don’t Dig Peat’.”

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3254 Peat-Free Promises made so far.

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